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Horse Rescue

Monday, 21 May 2012

One lucky horse is back on its feet again after a very close call.Macclesfield CFA Horse Rescue

The recent wet weather has left the condition of paddocks around Macclesfield in a very soggy state and many waterways flowing that had only been a trickle in the past. Unfortunately for one 30 year old equine the going got a bit tough and Macclesfield Fire Brigade and Emerald SES were called to extricate the horse from a watercourse through a paddock. The horse was stuck to the height of his back and had been there many hours.

The two organizations worked well together with the brigade members using seat belt cutters to remove the horse’s rugs and very experienced horsemen in the brigade using hoses and rescue straps to remove the horse from the waterway. Once out and under supervision from a local vet the team of SES and CFA volunteers were then needed to assist the horse to his feet. He walked away uninjured with a very relieved owner.

By Sharon Merritt (BSc)

Vegetation Management Officer

Eastern Metropolitan Region - District 13

Fire destroys century old homestead

Posted by Paul Huntington CFA Member

Monday, 03 October 2011

Macclesfield fire brigade was called to a house fire just before 2 am on Friday 30 September.

The house was one of the oldest in Macclesfield; it was one of the original homesteads and was believed to be over 120 years old. The single story AC sheet house was situated in 130 acres of bush land. The house was formally the home of the Watsons who were one of the original families that settled in Macclesfield. They initially mined for gold and then grew strawberries and potatoes.Macclesfield CFA 2011 House Fire

The occupant, who was woken only by half his house on fire, was shaken but unharmed in the incident but was lucky to escape before the fire took hold. Unfortunately a lack or working smoke alarms may have delayed notification to brigades long enough so that the house was fully involved by the time crews arrived. In spite of the intense and concerted effort from over 30 firefighters from Macclesfield, Emerald and Monbulk fire brigades the house could not be saved.

Appliances: Macclesfield Tankers 1 & 2, Ultra-light, Emerald Tanker, Pumper & Salvage, Monbulk Tanker, Bayswater BA.

Water was a key issue for the OIC, Macclesfield Captain Sharon Merritt and a relay of three tankers feeding Emerald pumper was established to bring water from the nearest hydrant, nearly a kilometer away. Fortunately a reliable water supply was quickly established.

Four BA teams conducted an external attack for initial knockdown and conducted limited internal attack due to the century old timber floor collapsing in places. Falling roof structure also made the job risky, one extension of the house was already on the ground upon arrival. The job did put some stress on members, and two firefighters suffered minor injuries at the blaze.

Bayswater BA provided refills to the BA crews and also had to be set up at the base of the 500 meter driveway, due to a combination of rough conditions and tight parking on the property. Crews had another issue as well, with the asbestos cladding all BA crews and those working near the house participated in the asbestos decontamination operation conducted out of Emerald’s new salvage.

Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

This is a timely reminder for everyone to make sure that they have a working smoke alarm and coincides with the weekend's CFA & MFB joint message of "Change your clock, change your smoke alarm battery".