Macclesfield is a rural community with no businesses.  In order to raise funds we need to rely on the generosity of surrounding businesses, government grants, local fundraising events and donations from local residents.

Current Projects


In the event of a large fire in Macclesfield it is almost certain that power will be lost.  To enable the fire station to operate as a control point for fire suppression activities we will need power to run:

Radios for communications between the fire ground and the Incident Control Center

Charges to recharge portable radio batteries


Faxes and Phones to organize more firefighters and change over crews

Photocopiers to print maps

Computers to access weather data

Cooking facilities to provide meals to firefighters

Fridges to store food safely

Pumps for water for toilets and showers and hand washing to prevent illness

Air conditioners to enable those working in a high stress environment to make the right decisions

Without a generator to supply power to run these items we would have to find an alternative location when we lose power.  This would cause safety issues by loosing contact with the firefighters at the fire.  It would also delay the production of maps needed for them to access water points and location of escape routes and the fire front, again increasing the risk to the safety of the firefighters and delaying the suppression of the fire.  Crews would need to be taken to more distant locations to food and change over. This would increase the number required to suppress the fire.

Cost:  estimated to be $12k

10KVA, single phase, 50Hz, Diesel generator

Replacing Tanker 2
Once we have achieved the goal of obtaining a generator we need to focus on replacing our aging Fire Truck.
This new vehicle needs to see Macclesfield's expansion and the brigade as a whole into the future, and we are currently looking into purchasing an SEM Medium tanker (details & specs available from SEM
Previous & Continuing Donations
Macclesfield Fire Brigade would like to thank the following businesses for their generosity, without their support the brigade could not continue to function efficiently and service the community
IGA Emerald

Bendigo Bank

Fisher & Paykel - Recently donated a brand new double door fridge & freezer after our fridge unfortunately broke down.